Oil spill kits

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  • 15 Litre oil and chemical spill kit
    MW Environmental have put together An excellent value, basic Oil Spill Kit which is suitable for small Oil spills up to 15 litres. Ideal as a first response to spill containment of oil, it is contained within a clear, resealable bag and can easily be carried on a vehicle to ensure a rapid reaction t..
    Ex Tax: €35.99 €35.99
  • 90 Litre Oil and spill Spill Kits
    MW Environmental have designed An extremely portable, well equipped Spill Kit for use on spills up to 90 litres. Packed in a sturdy, waterproof duffle bag, it is designed to contain and clean up hydrocarbons, solvents and many other liquid spills. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, ..
    Ex Tax: €119.99 €119.99
    MW ENvironmental has Designed for use in areas where medium/large amounts of liquids are stored or delivered, this Spill Kit contains enough pads, socks and cushions to contain and absorb spills up to 160 litres. Stored in a large, robust wheeled unit for quick response, the bin is waterproof and ca..
    Ex Tax: €279.99 €279.99
    MW Environmental has produced The ultimate Spill Kit designed to provide a rapid response for use in areas where a spillage of up to 220 litres may occur. Designed for outdoor use such as bulk fuel and storage points, it is also ideal for indoor use where high volumes of liquids are stored or delive..
    Ex Tax: €349.99 €349.99